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Through a network of community physicians, we promote and support a 'medical home' for each patient, provide effective physician directed case management for patients with multiple chronic problems, and reduce unnecessary hospital admission and readmission.

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IMS Earns Recognition For Patient-Centered Care

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has announced that Integrated Medical Services has received Recognition from the Patient-Centered Medical Home 2011 (PCMH 2011) program for using evidence-based, patient-centered processes that focus on highly coordinated care and long-term participative relationships. IMS is a provider group within the Arizona Priority Care Network. The patient-centered medical home is a model of care emphasizing care coordination and communication to transfor

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Save Your Sight: Preventing Cataracts and Vision Loss

Sight is one of our most precious senses and you would probably do whatever you can to keep your vision if you knew you were in danger of losing it. In observation of Cataract Awareness Month in June, we’re offering important tips on how to prevent vision loss and the development of cataracts.Cataracts – the clouding of the eye’s natural lens – are the most common cause of vision loss in adults over the age of 40. Cataract risk factors include ultraviolet radiation from s

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Important Referral Information:

  • Ubon request, you may obtain a free copy of the actual benefit provision, guideline, protocol or other similar criterion on which an approval or denial decision was based, by calling Arizona Priority Care at (480) 499-8750.
  • Additionally, any Provider may contact the Physician who reviewed any specific approved or denied referral determination directly by calling (480) 499-8720.


Smoking Cessation: It's Never Too Late to Quit

Smoking has been linked to a variety of diseases, including lung cancer. If you smoke, you put yourself at high risk for often fatal diseases. Come and learn how to take the first steps in your journey to quit smoking. The class will be taught by a licensed pharmacist and will be held at the Walgreens Pharmacy Store, 7337 N. Via Paseo Del Sur, Scottsdale. Limited seating available. To RSVP, call (480) 336-7405 or email

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